Minecraft Game Show Awards 2017

Minecraft Game Show Awards 2017

Minecraft Game Show Awards 2017

Welcome to this years MCGSA! This is a place where we acknowledge all the hard working people who make game shows in minecraft in an Oscar-like fashion. Mostly people apply from Game Show Central, we also always welcome other people from outside our community. We are trying to reach out for people who are working in making gameshows, streams or events that gets uploaded to any social media. Making a show is a challange of itself but advertising it for the right crowed is always challanging. This is why we are here and also to give recognition to dedicated content creators on making more over the upcoming years!

You can also partake in the event!

This year we will be streaming the award ceremony on the 25th of november 3PM CST! Also we will be streamed on Mezimos Youtube and Twitch channel! Although the applications are already closed but the votes and judgings are underway. All the votes and judging points will be summed at the end of 11th of November and announce our nominees and on the day of the award ceremony will be putting all those gameshows into the greatest spotlight ever and announcing the overall winner of each category!

A fair chance for everyone!

There will be multiple categories to compete for such as: Best stream show, Best Edit and Fan Favourite. Because this is the 2nd time we host this the reward is basicaly bragging rights at this point. Although we will give tons of recognition and exposure for your show to people who have not seen it yet. That itself is always self rewarding and free advertisement for your show. Ofcourse there are differences between gameshows and that is why we made 3 tiers. This is for people to participate with the equal amount of chances to win awards. Those are in increasing order are the Chicken, Blaze and Dragon Tier!

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