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Colour Wars Preliminary

November 3, 2017

The long awaited Colo(u)r Wars is back in action with a brand new season and cast. And you can have a spot in the show as well! As a GSC event I will be looking for the top 4 players to compete in one segment of this season of Colour Wars. Theres already 3 segment filled up with other community. You will have a chance to face them in the victor segment where only one can be the ultimate champion in the land of games!

How does one apply for the prelims of Colour Wars?

By appearing on the 3rd of November, THIS FRIDAY 7PM GMT in Game Show Central. Make sure to pop in to the CW waiting room before the event. I will be doing multiple sets of people at once (aprox 20 per set) with 2 to 3 games to play. People with the top 4 score will be invited to a recording session for the show. If someone cannot attend to the recording I will be going down the list to find someone to replace.

Colour Wars
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