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DarkShadow_Claw – Murder Mistery: Blood and Bone

September 30, 2017

DarkShadow_Claw – Murder Mistery

Murder Mistery

Welcome to Murder Mystery hosted by DarkShadow_Claw!

I can feel it. Ohoho… Something’s blowing in the wind today, and it’s gonna go my way. The sweet smell of the leaves, beautiful and green in color, the chime of the church bell, ringing endlessly.” Dark said, breathing in the daint summer air. As the particles entered his system, he trapped them inside, and he used them to breathe. But the other pieces… The other particles, weren’t for that purpose.

The murderer’s plan has been set.

Dark sniffed the air. “I…” he paused. He deeply scoured for the scent. Something smelled… different. His eyes widened. Fire, he thought. He got out of his bed, and suddenly he was running. He grabbed the door handle firmly, pulled, and pushed his way into the hallway. He quickly began sprinting towards the stairs. The kitchen, he thought. It’s on fire! He passed his collection of old art, his paintings that he had collected over the years in this small town. His storage room filled with random objects he never bothered to use anymore, especially after The Extermination. However, he paid no mind to those. Nothing was on his mind but getting outside and safe. He passed his beautiful quartz fountain, bright and lively.

Water sprinkled on his face and paw.

But as dark passed the corner, there was to be no more set for him. As he began his sprint down the stairs, he tripped on a small wire, almost as thin as a spider’s web. And he began to tumble. In that moment, his eyes were watery, and wide open. Then he tumbled, and they weren’t. And then, just for percaution, a man came from around the corner and hit him on the head repeatedly with a crowbar.

In the case of every one of my murder mysteries, this is what it’s about.

It’s about the story. I want to make interesting, exciting murder mysteries for all fans of the genre to enjoy. So if you’re interested in participating in a game of murder (that hopefully) will be beyond anything you’ve played before, and maybe some things you’ve seen, consider joining us at 2 pm EST on saturday for 5 hours, for what I can hopefully say will be the death of a lifetime.

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