GameShowCentral Spotlight: CAAJBE – Point Of View

GameShowCentral Spotlight: CAAJBE – Point Of View

Point Of View


My review of “Point of View” by CAAJBE.
In your first gameshow you’ve done something I don’t see very often, which is ace it. On the first try!

  • Good Cast
  • Marvelous Challenges
  • Great Concept
  • Superb Music
  • Wonderful Editing
  • Satisfying Perspectives
  • Good Goods

Its really hard to pick away at this show. You’ve done great work with it.
What I would say more than just your show, is that your channel needs work. You need to have a playlist set up, you should have a new banner shouting out Point of View.
Anyway, regardless, you’ve made a strong show. Good work!


Hey Caajbe!
So I know I was in your gameshow, I know that you know that I know how the gameshow happens in the future episodes. That means I won’t be judging you on your gameshow builds and what I expect to see in the future. Instead I will be Judging you on the only thing I can truely judge you upon. That being the Editing.


The Editing for the show is amazing, I think you handled the Points of View from other people very well. Especially by putting the names in the top left corner to tell people who’s perspective they are watching at that point in time. The reason behind this being good is that if new viewers decide to watch your show. They may get confused by the voices and who’s perspective they’re watching. However, I know you’ve told me this before hand but where you have put the name in the top left corner, the size of the writing is pretty huge. If you could make it smaller then i think it would do just great. You don’t need that big of text just to tell us who’s perspective we’re watching.

In the future I would like to see…

Maybe you could have it to where we are seeing more than 1 perspective at a time. It means more work in editing but it makes it more entertaining for the viewers to watch as they get to watch more points of views at a time. I would suggest not going wild with it though as it could make the Editing look rather messy and potentially for new viewers, rather confusing.

Final thoughts

I just want to say that Im proud of you Bro because you know that when people tend to invite me to gameshows. I tend to turn a lot of people down because I need to be able to trust you as a host. And the way you handled your preliminaries and the way everything is built. You definitely gained from me some Trust towards you as a host. I look forward to what you plan on doing in the future. Hope I gave you some good feedback and Im looking forward to watching the rest of the series.


Point of View has been fun and exciting to watch.

The theme of following everyone’s point of view allows for the viewer to constantly switch between the contestants to where the action is and I believe it makes the show more exciting. The editing and transitions between the point of views is done well and makes you feel like you are a part of the show. The challenges are designed in a way that makes it so it is not heavily decided by one aspect of minecraft, but multiple aspects.

For example, the puzzlerama challenge included not just one type of puzzle, but puzzles that involved memory, coordination, as well as mental math. It allowed for the challenge to not be bland or one sided. It was exciting to see everyone at the different stages solving all of the different puzzles. I have really been enjoying Point of View and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in watching a fun, new exciting gameshow.

Some suggestions that I would make for the show:

The music is good and adds to the excitement of the challenges. But it doesn’t really need to be played 100% of the time. When a round ends or there is a pause in the action, the music should take a break. This allows the music to be associated with the action of the game show. The only other thing I would recommend would be to make the outros a tad more concise, I think it could allow people to become more excited for the next episode. Other than that, I think the show is doing a great job.


Hello CAAJBE! Today I’ll be writing up my spotlight analysis of your game show Point Of View. I’ll be writing this review as someone who’s been watching the show throughout it’s release.

Overall Notes:

Going into the show not knowing the outcomes you quickly had me excited after watching the first episode, It was after the second episode I was completely hooked and continued to become increasingly excited for the next episode to come out. I think with that particular mindset your show’s already a winner in my books. The ability to maintain the viewership and excitement with the addition of an exciting cast, entertaining challenges and the overall aesthetic of the show allows the viewers (like myself) to continuously come back for the next episode each week and feel the same level of excitement each time. I think you’ve done a terrific job with the show you’ve created here man.

Improvements For Next Time:

Overall I really enjoyed the concept of the show throughout its runtime and I felt the challenges along with the multiple cameras were very unique. The only thing I’d hoped to see more of throughout the show would’ve been the fact I’d wish you’d take more advantage of every player recording their perspective. In my opinion I feel like if there’s a season 2 you can defiantly come up with even more creative concepts when taking these cameras into perspective. Some episodes felt like the use of everyone recording their POV didn’t really matter, however that doesn’t in any way bring down the episode in quality. It’s more of a nit-pick I noticed myself when watching the series. There are a few times this season however that use the cameras to their advantage (Notably episode 2’s moving maze challenge).

I’ll be continuing to support this gameshow along with hopefully seeing a season 2 one day.

Great job dude. – Luigispanish


Dear Cabbage! You outdid yourself for sure. I read the ARTICLE about your show and watched a few episodes and I would say you pretty much nailed it for the first try.

I feel that the decorations like walls, floor, other extra non challange builds could have been added a bit more. Example have a pixel art wall (for the maze something pac-man related). Also have a few ghosts float above the air or built around the challange. Its that extra detail that could go with the show i would say.

Otherwise the editing is good, bit simplistic but still works for the show. This is something ppl forget that they should make their own style and not just copy from other shows. If they do end up copying make their own style of it not just a frame by frame thing but you are getting the idea on what i mean about it.

Have you thought about making a second season? If I ever have the time which is rare in my case, but I would gladly take part in the show in some way or another!
Job well done with the show I really do enjoy it and wish you in MINECRAFT GAME SHOW AWARDS as well!