Game Of Golds by RXM

Game Of Golds by RXM

game of golds
Game Of Golds by RXM

The Game Of Golds was an idea I came up with back in August 2016. This is the time when a variety of gameshows were just becoming popular. So I thought `Why not make my own?’ As a lot of minecraft video trends like Mod reviews, survival series were kind of dying. And as those things are fading away the gameshows were the next big thing to it. The Game of Golds was a minecraft gameshow themed around board games from my childhood like Monopoly, Game of Life and more. And since I like both Gameshows and boardgames, I decided to combine the two. That’s right, a Minecraft Board Game Show.

When people see the show for the first time, they like to think of it as Wii Party meets minecraft, but that’s not it. There’s a lot to The Game Of Golds that makes it completely different. Each season I get new players, and each player starts off on a board. On those boards they must press a button on a dispenser and move the amount of spaces to the number that comes out of it. Very similiar to a lot of board games.

They must make it from one point to the other collecting as much gold as they can, once they’ve all had one turn each, we move onto a challenge where players can earn more gold! After the end of each board, we add up all the gold collected from each player. Once we counted the points whoever has the least amount of gold has to take part in a redemption challenge where their fate is determined while the other players are through to the next board. If they lose the challenge, they are eliminated. If they succeed, they pass to the next zone, eliminating the player one position ahead of them. In the end, one player will win and become the Gold Master, while the rest are going home!

Goldland Amusment Park

The setting of the show itself is Goldland. An amusement park built for fun and prosperity. In season 1, the park itself was built with three board zones and over fifty challenges to play. A year later, a new Goldland was built over it. It was built with five board zones and eighty challenges plus an arcade filled with twenty five mini challenges like Doggy Ice Hockey, Teeth Trickshot and Minecraft Roulette Table. In Season 1 Goldland, playing through challenges would earn you gold, but in Season 2, you would earn a new currency called Tickets which you would exchance for prizes at the Goldland prize corner or just exchange them for gold. Goldland was built for everyone’s entertainment and for the sake of the gameshow. It will keep growing and bring smiling faces to everyone who visits 🙂

And so the golden journey begins…

So, now that you’ve got a fair idea about the world of TGOG, why not watch a few episodes of it online? The Game Of Golds was my first mincraft gameshow made and I plan on continueing it for a long time. I hope I can get an award out of it this year as the show wasn’t properly airing by the time of the last MCGSA applications were running. Thanks to all of you who took time to read this, and as I always say, Stay Golden! Goodbye!

The Game Of Gold

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