MCGSA Vote – Minecraft Game Show Awards 2017

MCGSA Vote – Minecraft Game Show Awards 2017

mcgsa vote
MCGSA Vote 2017 October 7- November 11

Minecraft Game Show Awards is a yearly event where people apply their own made minecraft gameshows and compete against in an Oscar fashion award ceremony. They can get tons of recognishion and views from all across the minecraft nation and have fun along the way!

There is three tiers based on their channel, popularity and quality where we can give all the content creaters equal amount of chances to win awards. The Tiers are in increasing order from bottom to top are as follows:
– Chicken Tier | For new people and low quality shows
– Blaze Tier | For people who have a decent amount of fanbase and a decent quality show
– Dragon Tier | The top guns who are rolling in subs and they put lot of time and effort (in most cases) in to their shows

How will this work?

This year we have a vote system and a judge system. We have 15 individual experienced personal who are specialized in minecraft one way or another will be giving out scores based on a certain system. On the other hand we have YOU to vote for the shows based on your opinion! Some cathegories will only be decided by judges, some will be only by votes,
and some will be deicded with both! But you can leave the behind the scene calculations and works to us…

The Cathegories are as follows:
– 🌠 INTRO (Judges)
– ⚒ BUILD (Judges)
– ⛄ CONCEPT (Judges)
– 🎬 EDIT (Judges)
– 🏆 CHALLENGE (Judges)
– ♛ HOST (Judges+Votes)
– 👌 ALL IN GENERAL (Judges+Votes)
– ✨ ENTERTAINMENT (Judges+Votes)
– ⛳ MINISHOW* (Judges+Votes)
– 🎥 STREAM* (Judges+Votes)
*Not all gameshow is valid to compete in this cathegory. For best Stream only stream shows can compete. In Best Minishow only shows that have a direct aproach on having a low quality gameshow or returning to old styles of their own gameshows or basicaly a joke show.

Here are the applicants!

You can also click on the icons to watch their show and give your own opinion about which one you would like to vote for! And remember you have to vote for all the questions within the poll…. no more “I dont know yet”!

Commandian Trials by Jeffles

Steve Gameshow by CyberChamp

Hall of Heroes by AndyDuthie

Big Rick Gameshow by GetRickRolled and HailTheKing

Flop Gameshow by Donut

The True Pro Gamer by ZibeyIsStickyNeo

Auction House by RileyDStroyer + Fawzi

The Challanges by Toe

Red’s Singoff by RedDahGamer

Strike in by 3FromTheBack

Amazing Race S3 by Gathilo1

The EzVid Gameshow by Thatwizardmerlin

Marlon out by Marlon tyler

Genqui Survivor Games by Genqui

SurvivorCraft S1 by TheBenBuster

Live or Execute by PhoenixG_ Gameshows

George’s Minecraft Endurance! by GeorgeTheJedi

Minecraft Battle Royale by DJShadowWolf420

Who Wants To Be A Minecraft Millionare by THE GATEKEEPER

Mayhem Madness by Marab0

1-UP Throwdown by Jeffles

Stig’s Weakest Link Season 3: Worldwide! by Stiggeh

Escape the valley by Stiggeh

Canadian Gameshow season 2 by Aquatic Dolphin

The Game Of Golds by RXM Gaming

Havikfeud by MrHawkyGamesMC

Minecraft Big Brother Season 1 by TheBeardedGent

Tribal Wars by Chalky

Minecraft Trapped by RXM Gaming

Point of View by Caajbe

Not rigged Deluxe by Happy

The Chosen Two S3 by RemoteBirch5

The Immian Gameshow 1.5 by UniqueImpact

All For None 4 by UniqueImpact

MC Survivor Aukume by ErrorNoUsername

Pandora Fest Gameshow by SilverKos

SurvivorCraft The Cursed Mesa by lambeau21gaming

The Green Pig Games 8: Barnyard Bash by lambeau21gaming

Large Derpface by lambeau21gaming

Spot the Sneak 3 by lambeau21gaming

Face-off 2 by Infernox

Minecraft Survivor: Roraima – The Mesa Outback by EliteChris35

Minecraft Legends of the Hidden Temple Episode 5 by Alto and Mario

MC Survivor S5: The Oasis! by TRexPro Bro

Big Brother by All0verAgain

The Mini Show (2017) – Seasons 3/4 by Billybo10K

Minecraft Raven: Season 6 by Billybo10K

Minecraft Survivor: Tagata Toe Ola by Billybo10K

Noxsquad gameshow by RASA studios

The Strike Out Gameshow S11 by Striker

The Show Of Millionaires: Heroes VS Villains by Luigispanish

Minecraft Big Brother by OrangeDoesGame






The votes are now open and will last until the 11th of November!
All personal information that we will ask in the google form will stay private and only use for safety measurements. Once we release all data to the public about the end result we will remove all emails from it and will not give out those information to any 3rd parties. Thank you for your understanding!
If you have any question, please contact Mezimo via Discord (Mezimo #5192) or via email (mcgsa[AT]

  • Note*1 – In Blaze tier RXMGaming appears twice in the Best Host portion, regardles of which one you choose the vote will be tallied into as one person for him. Host cathegory only counts towards the person not based on the show
  • Note*2 – In Chicken tier Stormageddo got an identity mix up when the poll was created. He is not Stormageddo
  • All mistakes in the poll will be mentioned here, because if anything changes within the google form it wont reflect the 100% clean results when the scores will be showcased. Thank you for understanding!

The Show will be hosted on the 25th of NOVEMBER 3PM CST

More details coming once the votes ended!