GetRickRolled – Big Rick Season 1

GetRickRolled – Big Rick Season 1

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GetRickRolled and his Big Rick Season 1

What is there to say about it. It all started a few months ago when everyone was having their own game show and we decided you know what we must join into the hype. Big Rick Season 1 was a great season with Billy taking the win in the end.

In season 2 it all got changed up and it was in the Big Rick House, it is still seen as one of the most legendary Big Brothers of all time since we didn’t have any judges and Cosmic won that season by winning a special race against Infernox and Billy. After that Mitch and I decided we needed a Game Show awards to show off against Billy simply because he doesn’t have one (He hopefully win get one for Tagata) so 3 months ago we started the building of Big Rick.

And then it began…

It was real hard since our goal was to make challenges you have never seen before. At one point we had to take some drugs and so the challenges started flowing in. Who can forget challenges like Trivia Run and Splendid Showdown. We must say it is a great season simply because we had a girl in it. Like how many shows can say they had a girl, and it was Kendra aswell and we broke her after 10 minutes saying she was nude while we were recording.

She wasn’t the only one our friendly cuddly friend Infernox also said he was nude during the recording. The shadow realm also known as our biggest sponsor was very happy with our partnership after we send them some people. Personally i must say Big Rick really was something else it started as a meme show but suddenly we got like 2 cameras and Stu to edit it and like it looks good but inside everyone knows it is a meme show.

The h8rz gonna h8!

The best thing is that we have more dislikes than likes on most videos and all of them are coming from Ireland which makes me think that the entirety of Ireland hates me for some reason. I would hate myself aswell to be honest. After all that writing i must say, Mez forced me to go to 500+ words and let’s be real there isn’t really much to say about Big Rick then that it’s the best show of the last 15 years. It will probably win around 1 game show award and by that surpass all the expectations we had about the show.

And because i need 500 words i’ll start saying some wise things like remember kids the description you send in is actualy get modified if you write down things that may not suited for a child friendly website. And remember kids when you are as interesting personality as I am you will start writing down random stuff at the end. Because i need some more answer than the universe is…..

-Mitch & Rick

Big Rick Gameshow Season 1

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