CAAJBEs Point of View S1

CAAJBEs Point of View S1

point of view
CAAJBEs Point of View

Point of View, or POV for short, is a show where you get to see the contestant’s perspective of a game show instead of the host’s. This was an idea I came up with 7 months ago. Instead of my desktop that I have now, I had a laptop. Now this laptop was great for gaming, but not so much for recording. So I tried to come up with an idea which had anyone but me recording. Then I thought of how sometimes I liked to watch a person’s perspective of a game show then the actual show, and came up with this! I believe this is a very unique style of how a viewer is watching the episode, as you get to have a taste of what everyone is doing during a challenge, instead of only the host glaring over them.


The show’s concept is very simple, last place is eliminated. I didn’t think Point of view needed to crazy of a concept. It’s already different to the viewers eyes than usual due to the fact you see contestants perspectives instead of the hosts. Not to mention I chose this concept because it is personally my favorite type of concept in a game show. And besides… I wouldn’t want to work with a concept I hate now would I?

About the challenges

Moving away from the actual show’s concept, let’s talk about challenge concepts! Now I don’t want to go to much into depth. Reason is that while I’m typing this I only have one episode released. This is one of the main things I focused on while building. I think that a challenge concept is what matters most in a show! Without an interesting challenge concept, contestants soon get bored with the same old, same old, unoriginal concepts, and aren’t having fun! Now a good show concept could overrule what I’m about to say, but even a show’s concept could get boring after a while without spicing it up a little bit with the challenges at hand. This is why I focused heavily on challenges, and not to much about the show’s concept.

The first episode

Now about the challenge concepts in Point Of View. Episode one, the only episode out so far, has been released last Saturday (September 23rd). The title of the challenge was “Through the Cavern”. This was a racing challenge, where all eight contestants had to go through many different obstacles to get to the end of the cavern. Last one still in the cavern would be eliminated. Many different styles of play were used in this challenge, and I found it to be one of my favorite challenges in the whole season. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do, it’d mean the world to me :D!

Last thoughts

For the people who are reading this, thanks for taking time out of your day to learn a little bit about my show, and I hope to see you around for episode 2, coming out this Saturday, September 30th, at 2pm CST! Peace!

CAAJBEs Point of View

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