GameShowCentral Spotlight: SilverKos – Pandora Fest Minecraft Gameshow

GameShowCentral Spotlight: SilverKos – Pandora Fest Minecraft Gameshow

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This is a chance for all the game show hosts to be recognized by the Showrunners of Game Show Central!

The application for our Spotlight is open non-stop, so you can send in your recently finished gameshow as well! For September we have chosen SilverKos and his Pandora Fest Gameshow. You can apply your show for being spotlighted to earn a special role in our discord! As a reward he already earns that and a sweet spot on our website and video list on it, not to mention the wide range of opinions from the showrunners. You can too apply for it in order to get these amazing gifts!


(This is a review of the first episode as it’s where I get my first impressions of the show)

Intro of Pandora Fest

Your show’s intro is short and snazzy. It works really well for the type of laid-back atmosphere that I got while watching the episode. The show, as a concept, is very simple. But I think you need to be a bit more original with certain aspects.

Head of Household

The Head of Household is a staple of Big Brother and you’re effectively using Big Brother rules, which is a bit awkward. Maybe change the Head of Household title to something that fits your personal aesthetic so that you don’t clash with pre-existing shows.

Meet the Cast

The “Meet the Cast” segment is a fun time. We get a feel for the personalities of the players and it helps for people who aren’t familiar with your SMP that you casted from to know who these people are.

Enjoyable Graphics

I really enjoy the small graphics that you use in Pandora Fest. Something as simple as the HOH graphic that introduces the challenge, it looks really nice and simple. That being said, no need to warn us that the challenge is funny. I know you record your segments post-show, but just cutting to the challenge from the explanation would have been a bit smoother.

Buildings in Pandora Fest

I won’t critique the build quality of the Pandora Fest show seeing as most of the builds that were around the challenges were from your SMP, but the challenge itself was interesting. Although you never clarified the rules on items. Did the contestants all have the same gear they could use or did they all have to bring their own personal gear from the SMP. It’s the little things like that which would be great to specify for the audience.

A few suggestions

I think you need to work on splicing the confessionals more seamelessly into the show. At the moment, you’re always announcing who’s in the next confessional and once or twice is fine, but when you do that five or six times, the 5-6 seconds of you announcing those confessionals add up and sometimes just going straight to the confessionals is more fun for the viewer. You explain everything to the viewers, which is fine, but it gets tedious after a while.

Could be better

One of the main weaknesses that I feel your show has is that the contestants are almost never around at the same time. Now, it’s good that you can still create the show because of the SMP aspect, but that lack of social interaction makes it tough to really root for contestants since, if we have no idea about your SMP, we won’t know the friendships between these people.

Voting off

There’s also the fact that we don’t see the reactions of the players when they’re voted off. It’s like you’ve got everything there to make a fun show, but you’re really just missing that extra suspense that you get from actually having everyone in the same call or chat when things happen. It just feels like there’s a weird disconnect.

Editing and summing it up

That being said, your show’s quality is top notch from an editing stand-point. Simple, sleek transitions, nice graphics, no over the top or under-par visuals, that’s all good. And given it’s an SMP show, that does raise the bar on how impressive it is. Good job!


Congratulations to you, Mr SilverKos on the GSC Spotlight!

I am basing my thoughts on Episode 1 of your show.

Pandora Fest to begin with

I think the concept of your show is a neat idea and it seems like the cast you have gotten together really works. It seems like all the cast members know a little something about one another which is always helpful to have in a show like this. I also like how you’ve made each contestant record their own confessionals and their own POV of the challenge as we can see from their eyes as to what they are doing and thinking within the challenge or when it comes to voting.

Editing of Pandora Fest

I think your show is very well edited together with all the different camera views and identifying who is who to the audience as that is always a crucial thing that people tend to forget because some voices are hard to understand and follow.

Something that needs improvement

Following on from what I’ve just said there, I do feel like sometimes you need to speak up in the videos because I sometimes found it hard to hear what yourself or perhaps some of the contestants were saying, Maybe I just have bad ears (which to be honest wouldn’t shock me) but if people could speak up then that would be great.

Slection of music

I also think that the music you have chosen suits this style of gameshow very well and each music was chosen very carefully for where it needs to go.

Just one moree thing!

The last thing I want to mention is also, when you have the contestants record their confessionals, I would suggest telling them to do it in F1 to make it look better, because when you see their hotbar in the confessionals, it makes the show seem just a bit less realistic if that makes sense.

All in all

I do believe your show has a very cool concept and deserves to be this months spotlight for GSC, keep it up and good job buddy! 😀

Evulminiman / RASA Studios

Hey Silver, Evul here the producer from RASA Studios

I enjoyed watching your show Pandora Fest and here is my feedback.
It is an impressive result for something made in survival mode.
I like your simple introduction at the start of each episode and I love the music.
The editing was good, but not always consistent, same with the footage.

Few suggestions for Pandora Fest

It is a bit weird that there is never a moment all the contestants are together in one place, it could greatly increase the tension whilst revealing the HOH, or the evictee.
The show is mostly focussed on just people talking, the challenges could play a bigger part in the show. Focus more on slowly revealing the times and such. Try to make it less talking and more action, that keeps people interested and watching.

More things that could be worked on

The footage is usually a bit boring as it almost looks like a picture with a voice-over. Try to get your contestants to move around a bit or get some other elements in which could make it interesting to keep watching.
It would be nice to see a bit more coordination in the contestants production wise, them all using the same resourcepack, the same settings, etc. Also try to give them more guidelines for their talking sections, limit their time, that way it can be balanced easier.
Try to prepare and plan what you are going to say so you stumble over your words less and insert less “Uhm”s into your sentences.

Closing thoughts

I like the concept and think it could very well be expanded to more people in the house and thus more episodes.
Great job on your show Pandora Fest and I would love to see more stuff like it in the future.


Hey SilverKos! Striker Here!

My review is based solely on Episode 4 of Pandora Fest. (even though i have seen more)


+ I love the intro music, exciting, strong, and quick.
– It is sometimes too loud for your voice and I have trouble focusing on what info you are trying to explain
– It has a hard cut to the AddictiveG clip as apposed to fading out slowly. (editors notes :P)

Confessionals / Interview:

+ It makes you more invested in the players of the show. It Lets you get to know them, and makes you root for them, or root against them in the show.
– The confessionals are far too long in my opinion. This one in episode 4 goes for a solid 3 minutes, and the camera basically does not move. If you are gonna hold on one person for that long, I would recommend that the person recording the clip move around, explore, etc. If not, keep it short / sweet.

The Challenge itself:

+ Music is top notch
+ Players are entertaining
+ Names on the clips when you flip over to them help you quickly identify who is speaking
+ Challenge is simple, and effective

The reveal on who has won:

– Not sure how hard it is to schedule your recordings. But I feel it would add an element to the show if at some point, all players were on the server at the same time for the reveal as to who continues / who is eliminated. This is more of a personal preference than a “Expectation” But I feel it may help the show.

Keep working Silver. Looking forward to what you do next.


Hey there SilverKos! Time for my final thoughts…


To begin with I would like to point out that theres tons of still shots that could be done more interactively, and instead of announcing it just let a bar slide in and say “Opinion of XYZ”, or “XYZ in action”. I can morelikely give out things to make things more appealing considering the Showrunners before me already pinpointed the more important portions which im very thankful for! I know its an SMP but maybe contrast it with more sign or boards (basicaly 2d logo art) that highlights that its your show. The other way of doing it is make more slight edits into it that makes it more spicy. Still I must not forget that you already did a job well done on that part. Ofcourse theres always room for improvement for everyone!


I like the concept it is very original and love the way you aproached it. Even though player interactions within eachother would boost the shows morale in a way. Ofcourse I have a feeling on what was your intentions with the show considering I have a similar method when im hosting shows (Low amount of people multiple times). Although its a refreshing feeling to watch a show like this. I feel like a lot of people would go with ripoffs or just a copy of another show. Always keep that imaginative power of yours, it will be useful in the future!

To summerize it all up for Pandora Fest

A great show I would say its a 9 out of 10 because of said reasons i said above, and dont forget dont settle with gold try to improve the way you feel best. Ofcourse listen to others like us and maybe implement our suggestions in a way or form just to reach more success! A job well done and hope to see more from you SilverKos!