MCGSA application reminder

MCGSA application reminder

mcgsa application

Minecraft Game Show Awards Application Reminder

Not much time left until applications are closed, apply now to be part of the event!
These are the only requirement you need to apply for the event. Make sure you fill out all the fields and all the information is correct:
– You will not be able to change your mcgsa application after you sent it.
– You can only apply mcgsa application a maximum of 4 times per person.
– The show you apply must be uploaded the year 2017. Or after the last years MCGSA event in order to make your mcgsa application count for this years event.
– You cannot apply the same show twice in the mcgsa applications. It will only count as one.
– You can apply someone elses gameshow in a mcgsa application, but it will only count if the person gave you permission and he/she is willing to participate.
– The show does not have to be in a finished state when you apply. Although it must be in a continues upload state aka uploading on a regular basis (daily/weekly/every other week) otherwise the application will be disqualified.

MCGSA Application

You can participate and fill out the application below (SCROLL DOWN MORE) or via email on “mcgsa[AT]”.
(The [AT] is @ for people who might not know)
If you have any question regarding MCGSA feel free to message @Mezimo #5192 on Discord.
Or if you want to see great examples of gameshows come join Game Show Centrals discord channel.
The 30 second and 5 second requirements are no longer valid due to technical reasons.
If you want to pass over the logo/image of your show, send it to Mezimo he will use it for the event in some way or form.
The show will be hosted on 25th of November! More details about that coming soon!