GameShowCentral Spotlight: RASA Studio – Noxcrew Gameshow

GameShowCentral Spotlight: RASA Studio – Noxcrew Gameshow


This is a chance for all the game show hosts to be recognized by the Showrunners of Game Show Central!

The application for our Spotlight is open non-stop, so you can send in your recently finished gameshow as well! This time around RASA Studios will get some feedback from most of the showrunners. This time around the applicants got discouraged based on earlier application denies, but dont worry and keep applying and we will give you suggestions privately if you dont make it to the spotlight in one of the months.



The communication and organization of the Noxsquad Gameshow is something that all content creators can aspire to. Being able to keep an entire group in line, working in their sections doing what they do best for an extended amount of time is impressive. The quality was certainly there in terms of their builds and their work and dedication.


The biggest problem the Noxsquad Stream faced was it’s audio quality. The mixing of audio was pretty horrific at the start and while they made steps to try and fix the problem, it never really recovered. At the start, the audio was far too quiet, the background music and SFX tended to drown out anybody speaking and the voices were too quiet. I found myself needing to turn up my volume way past my normal limit to watch the stream and that’s not ideal when I can watch most other things fine at a normal volume. For example – Watch back the High Noon finale where my team wins. The winning SFX sounds came on and drowned out the commentators and the contestants.

So in summary

The only critique I can give is the audio mixing and that’s perhaps one of the most important aspects of a show. If the audio’s off it makes the entire show unwatchable and you guys did straddle the line a few times.

In the future,

I’d like to see what you, at RASA, can do when not being inspired by the Noxcrew. I feel like, even with the name change, you’re still the Noxsquad and I think that’s holding you guys back from reaching your full potential. I’d like to see more original ideas that aren’t just a Noxcrew/Noxsquad retread.


RASA Studios Livestreamed Event

Now before I even start to begin, I would just like to say I enjoyed your livestream event very much, you guys work great as a team and can achieve many things that we as showrunners would love to achieve ourselves.
Your Gameshow works really well as a concept and what makes it great is the fact that you can have friends and fans involved. You have some comedy with a Chicken giving birth to small chickens in order to chose your game, all together it’s just a fun idea that people enjoy and some people don’t often add a lot of comedy into shows so the fact you guys can achieve that is amazing.

Obviously, everyone is going to have Hiccups

within their gameshows and such and especially when it’s a livestreamed event, it can be hard to try and deal with them, but I can’t comment on your hiccups because yes they did happen, but you guys as a team managed to stay calm and you sorted the small hiccups out, once again, I can’t really comment on the hiccups because you guys are achieving much greater things than what us Showrunners can do.

The one thing that I think everyone would love is

to see you guys perform more livestreams and events as what you guys can do is really something special, however, you work long and hard, plus you have your own lives to think about, it’s hard for you guys to come out with events like this so often, however, at the same time, waiting for these events to happen is what I think makes the gameshow more fun and entertaining.

I Highly think you deserve this Spotlight

as you are definitely worthy of being a well known and loved gameshow and I think a lot of people would love to achieve what you guys achieve.
That’s all from me, hope you enjoyed my comments and reviews.


Overall the NoxSquad gameshow

was a highly successful and professional stream show that I feel is a good example of how a streamed game show should be run.

Having only watched a short period of the show,

I can say the challenges I did see were outstanding – they all featured in depth, detailed builds that helped the challenges remain visually appealing and engaging to the viewer without distracting them from what was occuring within the games themselves. The builds stand out for me as the best part of the show due to their consistency in terms of quality, along with their uniqueness balanced with a sense of familiarity, relating to the game concepts used.

As with everything in life,

There were some downsides to this otherwise fantastic show, specifically in the frequency of breaks and the duration between choosing and playing a game. Some of the games could have used slightly better or more rehearsed rule explainations so as it was somewhat difficult to understand what was going on at times due to the casual tone used. In relation to the breaks, I personally feel these were far too long and frequent and caused disruption in the flow of watching the show – they breakup the pace, however in my opinion the pace would only just be reached or set and then a break would happen, meaning I, as a viewer, could have easily lost interest and towards the end I found I did as a result of this.

Involving fans in your show

whilst keeping a consistent “home” team in the Noxcrew was an amazing idea and helped the show run more smoothly, however I feel involving even more fans by using them to fill both teams would improve the show further and increase the number of people wanting to participate in the stream.

To conclude,

The NoxSquad gameshow was a top tier streamed show that managed to entertain and engage a large audience for a long time, however there is still room for improvement in order for the show to become more fun and professional at the same time, without alienating viewers with hiccups or lack of transparency.


Dear RASA Studio!

Its a rare chance to look at a show that has been made by a fully organized team and it has such a nice production value as well. Here is a few thought about the show based on your stream that you made not so long ago.


– Amazing builds, games and organization
– A lot of details on the redstone, techwise and makes the builds pretty fluent like opening doors and bushter elevator.
– As always the intermediate/break sections has hilarious ads
– Great work on the stream editings, not often you see a well edited intro and transition between scenes in other streams so thats a super plus on their end


– At the begining it was silent and also at the begining of credit roll, not just music but people werent talking much, but in time it has been fixed so not much to worry about there
– Maybe because of the previous reason, but it seemed the begining was a bit too dragged out
– Audio wise there were issues but practice makes perfect!

Well I would say a job well done

…but at some points it seemed a bit rushed in the making.
Although I can agree with the fact that no matter how much you prepare things can go wrong, that you cannot expect every time, but it had been fixed pretty well. Although I would agree with Billybo10K that I would like to see other gameshows that are otherr than noxsquad gameshow but still a great show that shines with all the details with it.


tbh there’s not a lot i can criticise…

their show is far, far better than mine, and has little to no faults.

i can only think of 2 things, and they’re both pretty nit-picky:

– the formula is taken directly from the noxcrew
– the game should follow a full tournament style, in my opinion
– don’t cast people using questions.

um…. well… everything else is perfect? xD

“Mez put this on the end: plz noxsquad let me into the next show”


RASA…. Just wow.

When i heard they were going to do a live game show, with over twenty people working behind the scenes to make it happen, i was not optimistic. But the show they put on blew my expectations out of the water. Creative challenges, incredible builds, custom resourse packs, multicam, on-screen effects LIVE, commentators, a strong main cast, fan involvement, solid editing.

Every show has their faults,

but the minor issues this show had are heavily outweighed by the strengths they displayed.
It is for those reasons (and if you watched their show, you know what I mean) that RASA Studios
will be joining Game Show Central!

DarkWriting (The build director) and Evulminiman (The production director) will both be taking
on the role of Showrunner in GSC as they are the defacto leaders of RASA.
Look forward to seeing more of them on GSC!