Minecraft Ninja Warrior

Minecraft Ninja Warrior

minecraft ninja warrior

Minecraft Ninja Warrior by BillyBo10K

Minecraft Ninja Warrior is a Parkour map based off of the television show, Ninja Warrior. Containing a host of crazy obstacles such as the Jumping Spider, the Ultimate Cliffhanger, the Warped Walls and the Double Salmon Ladder, this is a serious test of your skills as a parkourist! Make it through the four stages and achieve the feat of beating the map or fly around practicing the jumps to your heart’s content, I don’t mind! This map is created for you to have fun and practice some tricky jumps!

This map was originally used in my Youtube Series – Minecraft Ninja Warrior. A place where I promised I would release the map to the public eventually. Check out a showcase of the first stage down below!

As well as a link to the official trailer!

If you’re interested in downloading the map, click this link right here! And make sure to tell me how well you did here in the forums!
NOTE – If you intend to record this map for Youtube…
You MUST include both a link to this forum post and a link to my personal Youtube channel in the descriptions of your videos.
Big thanks go to my lead builder! HailTheKing with whom this project would not have been possible.
If you’re interested in more of my work, check out the Game Show Central discord

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