Parkour Showdown

Parkour Showdown

parkour showdown

Parkour Showdown – A Minecraft Minigame by Mezimo

Its time for Parkour Showdown!
Now you can settle things with your friends once and for all in a good old fashion minecraft parkour but with all kinds of new parkour style. There is a total of 20 rooms with all kinds of different parkour that you can play anytime!

Have fun and enjoy your stay!

You can choose from 3 type of game mode to play from, 5, 9 and 11 rooms. Each time the game will randomize a room for you where you can compete against each other. In each room whoever finishes first will earn a point. Nothing for sloppy seconds, so better bring your A-game! At the end of set amount of rooms the game ends and whoever collected the most point wins the game.

– Minecraft 1.12
– Command blocks ON
– Decent amount of parkour skill