GameShowCentral Spotlight: RemoteBirch5 – Chosen Two Season 3

GameShowCentral Spotlight: RemoteBirch5 – Chosen Two Season 3


This is a chance for all the game show hosts to be recognized by the Showrunners of Game Show Central!

The application for spotlight is open non-stop, so you can send in your recently finished gameshow as well! This time around Remote Birch 5 got the chance to be spotlighted and get some feedback from most of the showrunners. Ofcourse other people who applied that did not make it got a few tips as well to have another chance for upcoming months in spotlight.


Hey Remote!

Here are a few observations. My review is based solely on Episode 1 of TCT3.

1. Lots of entertaining cast members,

but they were running wild, talking over you, making it hard to understand the next thing happening in the show. They need to be “reeled in” a bit while you’re explaining things. During the challenges it’s good, but not in explanations.

2. The starting room

looks very good, very well designed.

3. You obviously have some strong editing skills

since you are using key framing for your assets (characters, titles, etc) on screen. But you did almost no cutting from the slower moments of the episodes. And the music did not cut when the scene changes. Use the time you spend on the key framing, also to cut away fat, and to fade in and out on music. (And scene transitions I.e. Fade to black, cross fade, etc)

4. I would recommend getting a better recording device.

That one that shows the moment you hit start and stop makes the show seem much less professional.

5. This last set is just my personal opinion.

I don’t like to show my discord screen when I record, it just takes you out of the moment of the show imo. And I think the cast was too big for the challenge. The only games I have ever done on my show with that many people were slower, segmented games. A large long FFA fight makes it hard to follow the action, thus making it less interesting, once again, in my opinion.

Well Remote,

I hope this helps, you’ve got lots of good qualities in your show, just needs some tweaks!


I’ll only be commenting on Episode 1 as it’s what a potential audience member will see before deciding to watch or click off.

First impressions

– The recording software itself is choppy, there isn’t a stable framerate, no F1 mode, chat and hotbar in the Intro sequence really shouldn’t be a thing since you should know who the contestants are and if you’ve got them set to teams on a scoreboard, their names shouldn’t vanish when you F1.

No background music

during the intro scene. It makes the scene feel a lot slower when there’s nobody speaking. I’ve recorded with Camtasia before and whenever I did jumpcuts, I was able to keep that little timer of recording off the screen. So not sure why you’ve got it on screen when you record.

Showing off your discord

during large games just looks shoddy. Either get multiple cameras, keep them all in one chat or cut out when you switch. Since we’re seeing the discord screen, it’s not like we’re missing any actually gameplay when you cut.

The episode is personally too long.

Long premiere episodes only work if you’re hooked from the getgo and this series doesn’t have much of a hook. Based on the premiere, which is what most of your audience will see before deciding whether to continue the show or not, there’s a lot of work. In this day and age, a stable 30/60fps is pretty much a requirement and you need to tighten up how you edit PVP intensive challenges like Fight Night.


Okay So My Review is Based on “The Chosen Two: Season 3 Episode 4”
So from what I can clearly tell from this video is that it’s a redemption Episode and one of the teams are coming back.

I like the simplicity

of the challenge of how all the teams need to do is find a button and I like how you used 3 completely different and unique places to hide the buttons
For someone new that is viewing your Video’s or this video in general, You seemed to stick to listening and viewing 1 team in particular in stead of many different teams and you didn’t really see when people pushed the buttons which in this particular minigame, your focus wants to be on who clicks the buttons, what are the teams strategy and other things like that.

I Think you done a good job

with Editing in when Teams were moving onto the next round or when the team had lost the redemption challenge, however, I do feel that you could’ve cut some extra things out that weren’t needed necessarily.

All in all

I do think however, that the concept of your gameshow and how well it all works is pretty good, I think with just a little more work, this show could be Huge!
Hope you like the feedback – Stig.


Hey Remote!

You’ve got a pretty epic show my dude! I’ll be basing my review off of episode one.

Firstly, In my opinion the cast in any show is definitely the most significant factor to a successful show and it’s very noticeable that your cast is very invested and into the competition and overall seems to mix well together, The environment of a happy, fun enjoyable show is contributed to by the cast and I think you’ve done that well with the selection we’ve got here. Occasionally there are moments where there’s a little more talking than needed but nevertheless that’s usually fixed once the challenge actually begins. The moments where talking seems a little too much are a small thing to improve on and control.

I really enjoy the spawn building

as a whole as I feel the spawn serves as not only a hub for the contestants but a familiar home for the viewer every time they come back to the next episode, whenever I’ve completed a hub I like to make sure its distinctive and recognisable to the eye and I think you’ve done a really good job of that.

I recommend adding more commentary

and engagement from yourself where you can. You want people to feel attached to not only the show but the host themselves. When people associate with your show they should be able to think of you as an epic host, the energetic, enthusiastic hosting spirits I feel will really spice up the competition.

That’s about it from me! I hope my comments were helpful. – Luigispanish


Glad to see your back in the gameshow business Remote!
I’ll be sweet and short for you!

Starting off with Cons:

– no background music for episodes (only in intro), could add some for upcoming seasons
– intro is a bit off, considering the music and because of the large cast seemed it was a stretch
– transitions would give a nice feeling between cuts
– inconsistence episodes some episode are longer some are shorter, I do understand some challanges are shorter but maybe have a bit more cuts on the longer ones or shorten the longer games so it can be played a lot more faster.
– Your microphone is a lot quieter than others
– Buildings are a bit plain (floor and walls are same)
– Seen some mistakes during recording, do you test your games before? It would be very helpful!

Well with all that lets move to the positive side of things with Pros:

– regardless being off the intro has interesting editing and nice aproach with the cast listing
– interesting game ideas, seen some re-occuring minigames from previous seasons but with slight fresh touch
– Art design on the logo is lovely and unique
– After having difficuilty with previous seasons you gave your best and achieved victory on creating this season!

Chosen two was something interesting to look at and hope to see more of it!

Incredible job Remote! Hope to see more from you on Game Show Central, with all the already given feedback from our Showrunners! As a reward for already putting so much effort into your show, you will be highlighted on the mainpage video playlist with your first episode, and the article will be up for atleast a week or maybe more! Depending on who else wants to shine in the spotlight!