GameShowCentral Spotlight: Aquatic Dolphin – Canadian Gameshow Season 2

GameShowCentral Spotlight: Aquatic Dolphin – Canadian Gameshow Season 2

This is a chance for all the game show hosts to be recognized by the Showrunners of Game Show Central!

There has been a few who already grabbed the chance to apply to be in the spotlight and our decision fell on Aquatic Dolphin and his second season of Canadian Gameshow! A few of the showrunners gave their thoughts about the show aproching it in multiple ways. So we already have very colourful feedback on the show!


Hey Aquatic, it’s Striker.

My review of your show was based solely on Season 2 Episode 4, so know that going in.
I think the intro of your show is very well done and unique. The build for your spawn / starting point was very nice, maybe a bit crowded in the middle. So you had to fly and jumble around to keep the contestants on screen. As apposed to in my opinion a more open approach where you simply turn smoothly and keep everyone in frame.

When you

announced the challenge

as “Parkour” i was a bit underwhelmed. I think it helps to name your challenges something creative just so they stand out in yours and your viewers mind. “Striker Myers” “The Tunnel o’ Traps” “Parkour to the Place”. As an example.

I noticed you have no one helping you out and that is a big downside. Even if they are not providing a second / third camera you can still have them set spawn points, TP players, set players game modes, hit buttons. You need a small team to run a successful show.


challenge build itself

, while not spectacular, was still strong. I liked the design and the overall plan. However it was very difficult to follow the action. You went back to the players on the ground while someone was on top in new territory. As a viewer i want to see the most important thing at all times, which typically is: whoever is in first. Having multiple cameras is a huge plus if you can do it, but its not REQUIRED for a small, local challenge like this one.

Last thing

, Don’t be afraid to cut out footage. Don’t let it drag on when you could cut from you typing in chat to 30 seconds later when something real is happening.


. I actually did enjoy the episode, but there is obviously a few things you can improve on. Mainly: Name your challenge, Get a small crew or just a few friends to help, get more cameras if possible, and work on keeping the action on screen.

I give you a solid B on the episode. Best of luck!


Alright – My shortened notes on Episode 1:

The Opening Scene/Intro –

Pros – His intro is pretty nice. I like the transparent skin renders that appear next to each contestant, it’s something people don’t use much of and the effect is nice.
He uses background music – Something that many shows don’t bother with. Just having that music to fill in the silence is vital and I’ve never personally heard those music tracks before which makes it even better.
He was straight to the point with the character introductions and the contestants all good a good amount of time.


Not really sure how the theme of the show affects the actual show aside from the logo – Didn’t get “Canada” from the intro itself because the theme is so difficult to grasp if you don’t know Canadian culture or memes.
His volume balancing is way off. The music is too loud so it often drowns out the voices of quieter contestants and Aquatic himself – His voice is sometimes tough to understand as is so when you combine that with the loud music, it’s not always the best combination.

The Challenge:

Pros – The challenge was built well. The structures looked nice, the arena itself gave my flashbacks to some of the older strike-out stuff from the past. I liked the concept.
In terms of gameplay, the challenge is interesting and works… if you’re playing it.


– From a viewer’s perspective, I was frustrated with this challenge. We didn’t get to see people running around the actual course for the majority of the challenge, which is what I was interested in. Instead we got people shooting targets for a few minutes.

This is where I’d suggest he hire a helper or an extra camera to help multi-task these challenges better. If there was a camera watching the group racing or a helper checking those targets for people who hit all five, Aquatic would be able to watch the more interesting parts of the challenge. Seeing Coun get back without any warning shows how you just can’t do one-man shows and expect it to go 100%.

Couldn’t hear the eliminated player’s final words, see my complaint about the music from above.


, a great effort but a lot of fine tuning needed. I’ll be checking the next few episodes to see if he improves at all.

Well, just started episode 2 and the music was turned down a notch. So he’s self-aware, that’s a good trait.


The Canadian Game Show Season 2

, by AquaticDolphin, is an 8 player game show which works off of a “last place eliminated” system, similar to how Strike Out works. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, an original concept would’ve been nice. From what I understand, the show is supposed to be themed around Canada, however, this does not really show up much in the episodes. From the music to most of the builds, nothing really screams “Canada” to me.

So, let’s start from the


. As soon as I started watching episode 1, a few thoughts immediately came to me. First off, the intro is pretty decent, and has some nice music. The intro does, however, seem a little longer than it needs to be, and I think it could’ve been condensed a bit. One issue with the show that is visible even from the first second is that there are black bars around the video. These black bars are fairly offputting, and can very easily be avoided, either by changing your recording resolution, or by editing them out. Also, I like the logo.

Moving onto the

opening section

of the show. I was happy to see that the recording quality is pretty good, and that you’ve edited in some background music. Little things like that can really make the video much more enjoyable to watch. I do have to complain, however, that the background music is a little too loud, and oftentimes drowns out what people are saying. This issue is made worse by the fact that, for whatever reason, everyone else’s audio quality and volume seem to be fairly low. One other issue I have with the music is that it changes too much, often for little to no reason. I think you should probably stick to one track more, and change it when something different is actually happening.


first episode challenge

was pretty good. The build was decent, the game was fairly original and it was interesting to watch. I do think there are some things you could have done, however, to make it more fun to watch. For instance, you should have focused more on those running the course and less on those shooting. You also should have edited some of the more boring parts of the challenge out. Watching people just shoot at targets for about 5 minutes is not very fun. Another thing you should have considered was whether or not people could break the challenge. In this case, you did not consider the challenge breaking due to people running out of arrows, or potentially breaking their bow. Lastly, one thing you should have taken into more consideration is balancing. The obstacle course was completely pointless, as it was too easy to really affect the standings in any way. That course should have had more difficult obstacles, such that people could get stuck on them to let people behind have a chance to catch up and overtake.

The second episode challenge

was a building challenge. I have to admit now, I did not like this challenge. The build did not look as nice as episode 1’s challenge. This is because it was all just in a big box with some brick platforms on the floor. The section at the beginning where the players were selecting their blocks randomly seemed to drag on a bit longer than necessary, and could have easily been sped up. The challenge itself is not a particularly original idea, and also is not very fun to watch. I would have personally sped up the footage during the building phase and put some timelapse music over it. Lastly, I want to bring up a major issue with challenges like this in general, and that is that they are very opinionated. This really stood out in your episode specifically, due to your scoring system. How exactly do you differentiate between a build that scores 82 and a build that scores 83? Is there a difference? Did you have criteria which you were checking against, or an algorithm that worked out the score, or did you just think of a number which roughly felt right?

Episode 3’s challenge

isn’t bad. The build is nice and the concept is fairly good. I do think that one major issue with this challenge is the layout of the game. Firstly, this means that you, alone, could not capture very well what was going on, and most of what was going on did not end up being shown on camera. This then lead to the viewer not really knowing what is going on, or who is winning and losing. You really should have made the area a little more open, so that it was easier to follow what is going on.


, let’s talk about episode 4. As of me writing this review, this is the latest episode to be released. I have to say, out of all the challenges so far, this is probably the strongest one. The goal was clear, the challenge was easy to follow and understand and it’s fairly enjoyable to watch. Perhaps you could have worked a little more on the design of this challenge, as it does seem a little dull, and the challenge itself is a little small and unremarkable. Overall, however, this is a fairly decent challenge.

Overall, I have to say that your show is decent. There are certainly a lot of good aspects, such as the nice video quality and above average challenge quality, but there is certainly a lot of space for improvement. The main areas which should be worked on in my opinion are:

– Sound quality. Make the people louder and the music quieter.

– Challenge concepts. Make your games more unique, and focus on enjoyability.

– Get rid of the black bars.

– Cut footage out where it’s less interesting.

I wish you the best of luck! -Unique


Hey there Dolphin! Compared to others I will be short but will highlight as much as I can.

Starting off with Cons:

– The intro was too long! A max 20 sec is plenty or even less is better.

– Buildings considering that you built it by yourself, you might want to recruit some help from GSC. The walls were a bit plain, at some challanges it wasnt easy to see through and at some challanges it was a bit too bare.

– Maybe have a few more camera man if theres multiple stages of a challange so you can show the most important bits and the viewers could see everything from the challanges. Ofcourse as others said before me, cut out the less interesting portions. Sometime less is more.

– Repeating the intro at the end might not be the best choice. If you really want to put something at the end, make an outro or just have a frame where you end it with some music in the background, or maybe have a “next time” portion at the end that keeps up the hype. Self experience that usualy I click away once i start seeing the intro at the end because theres nothing new in that, which ends up not seeing the entire episode.

– Interesting concept for challanges but still needs more thinking though

Well with all that lets move to the positive side of things with Pros:

– I liked the concept and the edit of the intro it was very different from the usual intros I see lately. Not the fan of cast being in the intro, but you delivered it nicely.

– As a one man show, building wise you did a lot. Always giving time building the shows is a key feature!

A job well done, but a lot more to go to reach “top Notch” quality. But I could see this show in blaze tier for sure. Keep up the good work!

A job well done indeed!
Hope all the opinions will help you grow Aquatic Dolphin in your upcoming shows and that we will see more from you in Game Show Central! As a reward for already putting so much effort into your show, you will be highlighted on the mainpage video playlist with your first episode, and the article will be up for atleast a week or maybe more! Depending on who else wants to shine in the spotlight!