UniqueImpact: The Ultimate Board Game

The ultimate board game is a Minecraft board game made by UniqueImpact in which many people start, but only one person can win! Everyone must fight it out in a series of minigames and 1 on 1 battles to remain in the game!
“The first game was very interesting! Although at the begining it was slow considering this game can be played with 20 individual player. Ofcourse as people start dropping out by elimination, the time between turns gets less each time. I experienced a lot of fun from others and I enjoyed it aswell. Really was not expecting to win the entire game but somehow it happened. As a test version it was great despite its flaws, but in the upcoming version there will be great changes that will make this game much more faster for everyone.” ~Mezimo
In the upcoming version of this board game you can expect even more excitement like more interesting minigames,
free for all minigames, teleport spaces, gates, new way of eliminating people in game and much more!UniqueImpact quote hereThis event will be announced in the Game Show Central Discord server and also will put the date in the events as well. Hope you want to join in the fun and see you there!