Minecraft Survivor Tagata Toe Ola

Minecraft Survivor Tagata Toe Ola

Minecraft Survivor

Minecraft Survivor Tagata Toe Ola

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Minecraft Survivor: Tagata Toe Ola was created with one goal in mind – Bring the tension and enjoyment of CBS’s Survivor into the virtual world of Minecraft! We wanted to recreate the drama, the tension, the challenges and the authenticity of the show and bring you an experience that has never been attempted before.

Everybody dig deep and prepare yourselves for the adventure of a life time! Because this is the start of the ultimate social experiment where only one player will walk away with the $30 grand prize, as well as the title of Sole Survivor.

Once you have finished watching the episode, head on over to this lovely google doc and give us your thoughts on the episode, as well as what you expect to see happen in episode 2 – Same time next week!

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Current Cast

► Infernox
► ErrorNoUsername
► Luigispanish
► Stigman13
► Cosmiccortex
► 12thMatt
► ChalkyChambo
► Capritorne
► DarkShadowClaw
► CDawgBoi
► Gameshowman21
Project Tagata could not have been a success without my crew of amazing cameras, helpers and builders.
► HailTheKing – The Lead Builder and the driving force behind this project! He doesn’t have an active channel, however let it be known that without him, none of this would have been possible.

My Cameras

► TheHam562
► Mezimo
► UniqueImpact
► Aeglen

Music and Soundtracks

► theMaestro – Provides amazing Survivor music Rips

Logo and Graphic Design

► Luigispanish – He created an amazing logo for the season that cannot be forgotten

Other Thanks

A special thank you goes to CBS, Jeff Probst and the Community of Survivor. You may never see this, but without your show there would be no Tagata Toe Ola. You provide us with entertainment and enjoyment every year and are amazing!