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news date: 14th May 2017
Minecraft Survivor: Tagata Toe Ola
It was created with one goal in mind – Bring the tension and enjoyment of CBS’s Survivor into the virtual world of Minecraft! Recreating the drama, the tension, the challenges and the authenticity of the show and bring you an experience that has never been attempted before.
news date: 2nd June 2017
Game Show Central Spotlight
A chance to be recognized for all the people who makes Minecraft Game Shows! For more details CLICK HERE
news date: 2nd June 2017
Minecraft Game Show Awards 2017 Applications
MCGSA is once again back and looking for great minecraft shows this year! The applications will be open on 10th of June 2017! If you would like to know more about it…CLICK HERE
news date: 18th June 2017
Monthly Game Show Central Spotlight
This month is going for Aquatic Dolphin and his Canadian Game show season 2! Congratulations to him!
Adn see what the showrunners have to say about his show byCLICKING HERE
news date: 18th June 2017
Get your show noticed with our calendar!
Another great way to be noticed by our community. Your show can be carved in our calendar and your event will be known as one of the greatest GSC event ever!CLICKING HERE